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Sometimes a spanking short story just isn’t enough.  There’s only so much plot and character development you can do in a short story format.  It’s true that sequel stories do help, but it doesn’t compare to a full-length spanking novel.  Discipline and Desire offers full-length novels and ebooks, as well as short stories, all with a strong spanking theme.

All of the stories at Discipline and Desire are Male/Female and filled with romance.  You can find historical, futuristic, comedy, and contemporary spanking stories.  While this site is a paid membership, what sets it apart is the quality of the writing.  Many of the writers are published authors outside of the site.  I’ve never been disappointed by the quality of the writing in any story I’ve read there.

Discipline and Desire offers a range of writers making it easy to find an author with a style that appeals to you.  Some of my favorites are Nattie, Reesa Roberts, Brandy, Belle and Carolyn Faulkner.  I have to admit though, I really like them all.  They each approach a M/F spanking story in a different way, but it’s clear all of them connect with the emotions involved in a spanking relationship.

The cost per month is very reasonable (I spend FAR more than that on my Barnes and Noble habit every month!).  The stories are released by chapters and are updated every week.  There are more than enough stories to keep you busy reading (don’t say I didn’t warn you).  In addition to the stories, Dave releases a spanking “toon” each week.

With over 700+ spanking stories available, Discipline and Desire is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to read high-quality spanking fiction with a M/F romantic theme.

If you have a spanking blog or website, you might also be interested in the Discipline and Desire Affiliate Program.  You can earn a commission for every membership referred by your site.  The best part is you continue to earn a monthly commission for every month that member remains active.  You can easily earn enough to pay for your own membership!

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  2. MasterMega says:

    Oh goodie…..More words with out many pictures…..AWwwww you know better….always an interesting find……..Any stories about sunday morning paddlings?……”Hint Hint”

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