Free Stories

I bet you thought I’d never get to this! Here is a list of free spanking story sites. I’ll be adding to it as I find more free story sites. If you have any to add, send them to faith @ Enjoy!

The Ultimate List of Free Spanking Story Sites

(A Work In Progress)

Discipline and Desire Free Spanking Stories

Laura’s Spanking Corner

Scorpion’s Mansion

Don’s Spanking Pages

The Treehouse

Saint Francis


Spanking Classics Storyboard


Erotic Spanking Stories

Satin and Leather

Daria’s Library

Virtual Library of Spanking Fiction

That should get you started!

For high-quality spanking stories at a very reasonable price, visit Discipline and Desire.

3 Responses to Free Stories

  1. SinfullyAnon says:

    More reading!
    Thanks so much…


  2. Misty McGregor says:

    Another great site that I came across is

    Click on posters and you have an amazing array of authors and awesome stories………’ll thank me for this!!


  3. I enjoy spanking Fanstasty Story Ijust had finish a book frombyLizbeth Dusseau Title: ShakeSpeare Brat, Dante Heat Which Ienjoy Also you was talking about fantasty of Barbie be spank by GI Joe which Joe I kind mine Fantasty of BatMan Spank CatWomen , He is no wimp neather that i beliver would be equal ,since CatWomen and curl her cattail whip That their personality into a FireStorm So I say disciples spanking That I have a i deal for a disciples fanstasty Story.

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