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One of our readers is giving me a sneak peek at her spanking fan fiction story, and it got me wondering how much spanking fan fiction is available online and how popular it is.  I did a quick search on google for “spanking fan fiction” and got over a million and a half results!  Ok, I guess it is pretty popular.

What is fan fiction?  Wikipedia defines fan fiction as “a broadly defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by admirers of the original work, rather than by the original creators.”  Fan fiction is also called fanfiction, fanfic, FF or just fic.  The writers of fan fiction usually assume that the readers already know the original work, its characters, setting and plot.  Spanking fan fiction is of course fanfiction with a spanking theme.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly have had plenty of fan fiction floating around in my fantasies.  I wouldn’t be able to count how many little fantasies I’ve had about characters like Adam Cartwright from Bonanza spanking a young woman (me in my fantasies of course).

Whether or not fan fiction is legal or not is debated frequently online. It is considered a derivative work, and can be considered in violation of copyright laws.  However, some authors welcome it, while others adamantly object.  In order to avoid problems with legality, fan fiction must always be free.

Most fan fiction is found online in message forums, and some are on group lists, such as yahoo groups.  One of the largest sites is

How do you find spanking fan fiction?  Well, you can always do a google search yourself, but here are a few sites that offer free fan fiction spanking stories: Spanking and Discipline Fan Fiction

Smallville Discipline Yahoo Group

Jet’s Spanking Fan Fics

What do you think about spanking fan fiction?

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3 Responses to Spanking Fan Fiction

  1. Ginger says:

    My (pen) name is Ginger Leigh and Faith has been encouraging this writer by reading and commenting on a story I wrote that features those delicious brothers on The Big Valley. Anyone remember that show? It ran from 64-69, then in syndication in the 70′s and now on Encore Westerns. You can also buy the first season and a half on DVD.

    Jarrod, the eldest brother and de facto father figure of the Stockton, CA, Barkleys. A lawyer, he is smooth and debonair and handsome with dark hair and blue eyes to die for.

    Nick, the fiery middle brother, loud and full of life. He’s the boss of the huge Barkley Ranch.

    Heath, a young (24 when the series started) Lee Majors. Agile and athletic (love how he leaps on a horse from the ground!), sweet and sultry, he was many girls’ first love.

    Faith mentioned Bonanza. Which is your favorite brother – or is patriarch Ben your idea of the ideal, authoritative man?

    Tom Selleck, anyone? A wayward client (you?) taken in hand by 6’4″ Thomas Magnum?

    Anyone else place themselves in a spanking fantasy with a fictional character from movies, TV or a book? It has played in your head hundreds of times, right? Why not write it down? And perhaps get up the nerve to share it with someone else. If you enjoyed it, they probably will too.

  2. Cara says:

    Ok im new but Im looking for a story by Ginger Leigh july 2008 called More Than She Bargained for related to the Big Valley…can you help me?

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