Stories with Consensual or Nonconsensual Spanking

When spanking fiction is categorized, authors often warn a reader if the story has consensual or nonconsensual spanking scenes. The thought is that some may find a spanking given without the spankee’s consent to be offensive. I always find that just a bit intriguing, because mainstream readers seem to find any kind of spanking to be offensive. I would think that if we have accepted the idea of spankings in a story at all, that whether or not it’s consensual or nonconsensual really shouldn’t be an issue. It would simply be a matter of our overall taste in spanking fiction.

The January 2008 issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews has an article discussing the possible return of “forced seduction” to the romance genre. This type of sex scene was common in the 70s and even 80s, but lost reader support in the 90s. Reading that article made me wonder if fans of nonconsensual spankings in spanking fiction have changed their views over the decades. Since my own experience with reading spanking fiction only goes back to the 90s, I’m wondering if there were more stories with nonconsensual spankings prior to the 90s. I do remember that spankings were more common in historical romance novels prior to the 90s. When I did read a historical romance written before the 1990′s, the spankings I was thrilled to stumble upon nearly always were nonconsensual. This, of course, would be consistent with the period or era of historical novels.

Obviously an erotic spanking scene is likely to imply consent, but what about “forced consent” in a discipline spanking? I see this quite often in spanking fiction. Focusing on spanking scenes with adults only, forced consent in a spanking scene might be one that begins with complete resistance by the spankee, but ends with the spankee accepting the spanking and appreciating it as well (not necessarily liking it). Personally, I like both types of stories. Both consensual and nonconsensual spanking scenes must not only fit within the plot of the story, but must be reasonable within the development of the characters in the story. When all elements of a story flow together, I appreciate either type of spanking scene.

It still seems to be unacceptable to have a nonconsensual spanking scene in a contemporary romance novel. Even in erotic romance novels, there must be some element of consent between the heroine and hero. Some romance authors may be bringing back “forced seduction” to the romance genre, but I’m not seeing any sign of nonconsensual spankings returning to mainstream romance, even in the historical genre.

What is your preference for spanking fiction? Do you prefer consensual or nonconsensual spanking scenes? If you’ve been reading spanking stories since before the 90s, do you think your preferences have changed over the years? Please leave a comment, and let us know.

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  1. Thomas says:

    While the vast majority of my stories feature spankings that are consented to beforehand, whether it be in the context of an erotic encounter, a disciplinary relationship, or choice by the spankee to avoid a worse fate. Only in a couple of stories have I included complete nonconsensuality, and one of these was nonconsensual right to the ending. I also tend to prefer stories and videos that have a consenting, even if begrudgingly, spankee. I think that I prefer consensual spanking storylines because I like some realism in my fantasy, and a truly nonconsensual spanking, even if “forced consent” is achieved, is simply unrealistic. As much as we’d like to, we can’t just grab that snobbish teller at the supermarket and redden her backside. We call that assault in the real world, and storylines that run across those concepts take away from what I think is the most appealing attribute of fantasy, which is that the action COULD take place. Without that feel of reality, a story is just a story, and we start to lose our interest.

  2. I like a lot of different kinds of spanking stories, and my tastes have varied over the years as my real life experiences have expanded.

    Some of my personal preferences may not be popular in what seems to have become a vastly white-washed kink community. 10 years ago it was not unusual to find stories about childhood spankings, for instance. It’s one good example. Nobody thought anything of it; at least not on any of the mesage boards I wrote on, and there were quite a few. It was just understood that these were adults writing these stories, having a fantasy.

    Now, things are different. Heaven forbid you like to be clad in plaid, it can be misinterpreted to mean that you support abusive behavior. Sometimes it’s hard to get folks to understand that say, just because -you- fantasise about being punished as a naughty little schoolgirl, is NOT the same thing as sanctioning child abuse.

    Likewise, heaven forbid the spankee -not- want to get a spanking, and get one anyway.

    What?? It’s a -spanking- for God’s sake.

    So now, my characters are supposed to be grownups in a perfectly committed relationship of some sort, where the spankee and the spanker are always in perfect agreement. Ultimately the spankee can dictate everything about how the experience should go to the spanker- preferably with clearly placed boundaries that the dominant person may not surpass.

    Where exactly is the submission in that? Ohhhh- the Top becomes the submissive, trying to please and fulfill the spankee’s desires.

    I like implied consensual non-consent. I like the idea of the spankee courting it and getting more than they bargained for, or being coerced and even forced to take the spanking. I like it when the spankee may be somewhat accepting, but not exactly consenting. I like it when they are -scared-. I like it when the spanking is much harder than they would actually like, and goes on longer than they would prefer. I like it when they struggle to no avail and finally relax into it because there’s nothing else they can do. I like it when they don’t feel they have a choice. I like discipline, punishment, and training scenarios more than romantic scenarios where the spanking is seen as mostly some kind of meant-to-be-light kinky foreplay.

    That’s too edgy for a lot of people, but those are the stories that I look for.
    Granted, I don’t like it when it seems the master is violent- but it’s a funny line to try to explain. I like it when the master is capable of being both harsh and gentle, and you feel some kind of respect for their approach.
    I like it when they care about the submissive, and when that caring includes the ability to punish in a way the sub may crave and fear at the same time.

    I also see a distinct difference between degradation and humiliation. I like it when the spankee is embarrassed and feels ashamed of their poor behavior, but not when they are treated like they are worthless.

    Just my particular bent.

    ~Victoria Fox

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