Erotic Fiction and Spanking Fiction: Are They the Same?

Spanking fiction tends to be categorized as erotic fiction. Lately, I’ve been wondering about this. Certainly, it is true that most spanking stories include sex, but so do most romance stories. Does that make all romance stories erotic fiction as well? It seems the romance genre continues to include more and more explicit sex scenes. Spanking stories may or may not have explicit sex scenes, and in fact, even the spanking scene may not be described in graphic detail.

So what defines erotic fiction? I don’t believe erotic fiction is pornographic fiction. Although, I’m sure many may disagree. Erotic fiction has explicit details of sex, but the lines between erotic fiction and romance fiction seem to be blurring. So where does spanking fiction fit? I think that spanking stories can be romantic or they can be erotic. For readers who don’t understand spanking fiction, they would likely classify it as erotic and even pornographic, because they don’t see how spanking fits within an adult relationship. For those of us who connect with spanking, I believe we can see how spanking stories can be both romance and erotic.

What do you think? Are spanking stories part of the romance or erotic genre? Or do you agree that spanking stories can be either one depending on how explicit the sex scenes are?

Leave a comment. I’d love to hear your opinions.

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3 Responses to Erotic Fiction and Spanking Fiction: Are They the Same?

  1. Ollie says:

    My observation is that there is a spectrum of fiction, and to place labels at any given place is at best subjective. “Pornographic” is often used as a pejorative term, and is applied to something too extreme for our personal taste.

    On the other hand some people are completely open about this and say that they enjoy pornography for its own sake.

    With regard to spanking stories there is a difference in my opinion between the story where the spanking is merely something which happens as a normal part of the relationship, the story wouldn’t have to describe the spanking at all, and the story where the spanking is the force driving the tale, where the story is just a vehicle for describing a spanking.

    It is much easier to write the second story as it is not essential to have an interesting scenario or characters, all you need is a pretext, a top and a bottom, and yes it can be erotic.

    Many spanking stories are DD based, which I personally I find difficult because I cannot relate to the philosophy of the situation. They leave me cold due to the inherent unfairness in the set up which masquerades as justice. Therefore to me they cease to be erotic.

    When we move into the realms of fantasy everything changes again, and eroticism can be created in an extreme situation which we know is not real. We are safe within the boundary that we know that this is fantasy, and may be enjoyed as such.

  2. storynattie says:

    That’s a great question! I often say I write erotica, but I’ve written very few (in my mind) sex scenes, so I’ve often wondered about your question.

    There are so many things to be enjoyed in a spanking story, lol. I love every bit of it: the spanking, the romance, the sex, and I’m pretty interested if they stretch it past just spanking as far as kinky goes. Some readers, though, want a tender romance with just spanking, more sweet than sexy. Some want more spanking than romance, some want spanking with plenty of sex.

    Mostly, I think whether it’s erotica or not is more in the eye of the beholder than anywhere else. I don’t know. Great question, though!

  3. Faith says:

    Ollie and Storynattie – thank you for your thoughtful responses.

    I do think it is an interesting question. We all express our interest in spanking in different ways, and that definitely influences our views on spanking fiction.

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