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The Traveler
Chapter Three
By Bella Maeve

“Settle down now!” Fox laughed as he caught her wrists. “Don’t make me spank you.”  He forced her hands behind her back. The action made her back bow, and she was pushed up against his chest. Izzy struggled for a moment longer, then was still as she seemed to become aware of how closely their bodies were pressed together.  He could feel her heart slamming in her chest, and he’d bet his last credit that her labored breathing wasn’t just the result of her struggles.  He knew, because he, too, found himself panting a little, and he certainly wasn’t tired.

Her sharp grey eyes glittered up at him, and her teeth were clenched in a snarl.  But Fox saw something else in her eyes – arousal.

The “A” Team Comes to the Rescue
Chapter Three
By April Hill

Confronted with the overwhelming evidence against her, Samantha could do nothing but flop down into a chair and try to lie her way out of it. Hank stood at the sink with his arms crossed, and didn’t say anything. He just looked at her.

“What?” she said, with a look of bewildered innocence.

The interrogation of the suspect began well, actually. Hank didn’t sound angry. He sounded bewildered, and disappointed.

“What I don’t get is why you’re acting like this,” he began. “Doing everything you can to screw this up for yourself. It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?”

Smoking the Bare
(Only You Can Prevent Fires)
Chapter Two
By Shannon Stevens

Chicory shook her head. Disgusting how easily he had charmed her horse: not one struggle of wills. First her father, then her horse… this man was maddening.

Luke walked around to open the truck door for her. She blushed and said, “I can do that myself. I didn’t realize you were ready to go.”

“I’m sure you could, CK. Nevertheless, I am a gentleman.” When she snorted, he looked at her quizzically. “Is that a challenge?”

“Sheesh, you are touchy!” Prudently, she climbed in without saying anything else and then yelped when her butt touched the seat.

Saxon Rebellion
(Knights of Normandy Series)
By Maryse

“’Tis none of thy concern. Let me continue on my travels. I am no use to thee!”

“I will make that decision. Thee will tell me thy name else I warn thee, I will get it by other means!”

“What wouldst thee do? Thou art a lowly Norman scoundrel, intruding where thou art not welcome. Take thy demands elsewhere; I do not want them!” Her eyes sparked fire at him and he realised that her stubborn nature would not easily be tamed. Yet, he had a good way of taming women, one that both his brothers used when needed: a good firm hand.

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