Spanking Story Review: Unbroken Pony

Finally, our first spanking story review.  Thank you for being patient. :)

I chose Unbroken Pony to be my first spanking story review, because it goes back to my internet beginnings.  Unbroken Pony was written by Ginger and is posted on Laura’s Spanking Corner.  I’ve been reading spanking stories online for over a decade now.  I started on groups like and  Laura’s Spanking Corner is a collection of many of the stories that came out of those groups.  I’m so glad to see it has lasted all these years.  I believe it has changed domain names, but I’ve always been able to find the site with a simple Google search for “Laura’s Spanking Corner.”  The site lists stories by author and still represents some of the best free spanking stories you can find online.

Unbroken Pony is a sweet, sexy story with two very different spanking scenes.  The first one is a mother spanking her teenage daughter with a hairbrush.   The second is the girl’s uncle spanking his new bride.  Ginger packs a lot into this short story.  I love how she gets right to the “action.” Lil, the uncle’s new bride, watches Annabelle’s spanking while her husband watches her reaction to the spanking.  The best part of the story is the interaction between Lil and her husband.  This is Lil’s first spanking ever, and her husband makes sure it is unforgettable.

Ginger has been able to combine a nonconsentual mother/daughter spanking and a nonconsentual, but sensual husband/wife spanking into the same short story.  My favorite line in the story is :  “Do you really think you can out run me, wife?”  This sums up the alpha male personality of Jon.  I’ve come back to this story many times, and each time I love to relate to the final scene between Lil and Jon.  You’ll have to read Unbroken Pony if you want to find out how that scene ends.

Ginger, if you are still out there online, thank you for giving us a story that is an example of what a great spanking story can be.

Go read Unbroken Pony , and be sure to come back and let me know how you liked it.

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One Response to Spanking Story Review: Unbroken Pony

  1. Purple Angel says:

    I have to agree with your review, I did like this story very much. I enjoy spanking stories that are more than just a quick beginning and straight to spanking. I believe all good writing has certain components whether it includes spanking or not. I find it hard to read stories and identify with them if all I know about the characters is that they gave or got a spanking.
    Purple Angel

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