M/F Spanking Stories: More Lindsey and Ben Stories

I told you about my new author find, Linda at the Library of Spanking Fiction.  I just loved her Sisters in Crime serial.  I did a spanking story review of this serial previously.  Linda also has several other stand alone stories about the main couple in the story, Lindsey and Ben.  Go to the Linda’s page at the Library of Spanking Fiction, and check out these stories.

Ben and Lindsey: A Valentine’s Spanking – What girl wouldn’t be unhappy if she got a spanking instead of flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

Ben and Lindsey: Early to Bed – Ben tries to help Lindsey get more sleep.  Lindsey isn’t too happy about it.

Ben and Lindsey: Fire! – There’s a fire at Lindsey and Ben’s house.  Found out how that leads to Lindsey’s first experience with Ben’s belt.

Grounded – Ben tells Lindsey she is grounded from her computer.  That’s a fate worse than death in my book.  For sure it’s worse than a spanking!

Lindsey and Ben have a loving domestic discipline relationship.  Linda does an amazing job of giving them real, honest emotions while still having fun with the stories.  You might also like her “Helen and Danny” and “Maggie and Paul” stories.  These are also M/F spanking stories with domestic discipline.  I also plan to do a review soon of her fairy tales.  They’re so creative and fun!

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