St. Patrick's Day Spanking Stories

Discipline and Desire’s holiday spanking stories are always a lot of fun.  This year’s St. Patrick’s Day stories are from some of my favorite authors:

Ladies’ Night at the Dub
By Katrina

“Where’s your car?”

“Behind Lexie’s shop.”

“I’ll drive you to it.”

They followed him across the street to his black Range Rover.  Sera waited on the sidewalk for him to open her door and jumped when his hand suddenly connected with her rear end.

“Marco!” she cried, embarrassed by his overt action.  “Jeez!”

“Just helping you in,” he said shortly.  Del skirted past him warily when he opened the back door for her.

A Little Bit o’ Ireland…
By April Hill

I also had a perilously overdrawn checking account, and an excellent chance of getting the Spanking to End All Spankings.  If Daniel ever found out about the financial hole I had dug for myself, I would have to skip Mendocino, and head directly for Brazil. I would need somewhere with no extradition policy.

There is a bit of folk wisdom that might have prevented what was about to happen – if I had heeded it. “When you get yourself in a deep hole, the first thing you need to do is to stop digging.”

But, naturally, I just kept digging.

The St. Patrick’s Day Surprise
By Sebrina Winchester

She scoffed at what he’d just said, positive that there was no way he was going to change a damn thing about her. And again, an Irish temper came into play.

“And how in the hell do you plan on doing that, Liam Patrick Sullivan?”

He crossed his arms, looking deadly determined.

“With a good, old-fashioned spanking, the first of many. I’ve already let this stuff go on for far too long.”

For just a minute, she thought that she hadn’t heard him correctly. Maybe this was a joke of some kind.

St. Patrick’s Day Spanking Stories

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