Spanking Story Review : Purple Sage

One kind of "purple sage", Salvia dorrii

One kind of “purple sage”, Salvia dorrii (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Normally I don’t review a spanking story until I’ve finished it, but I’m making an exception with Purple Sage by Chula Stone.  The reason I haven’t finished this story is because it’s an ongoing story at Discipline and Desire with one more chapter to post next week to complete it.  I’m anxiously awaiting the final chapter, and this story has been on my mind for days!

I’ve previously reviewed Chula Stone’s Your Smile Come Morning.   She’s a fabulous writer and does an awesome job of weaving spanking scenes into a intriguing romance plot.  When  I first saw Purple Sage on Discipline and Desire I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to read right away because it seemed to be set in a historical time, and I tend to prefer contemporary stories.

I was wrong.  This story is an interesting take on a time travel romance. It’s actually not a time travel story at all.  Purple Sage is about a dude ranch that offers its visitors a chance to live ranch life like it would have been in the late 1800s.  But it’s so much more!  Just when you think you have this story figured out, you will be wrong!  These are not your ordinary cowboys creating an experience for its visitors.  No, these men are … well, I’m not going to tell you because that would ruin the story.

The story begins with Sasha arriving at the Purple Sage to spend her first weekend as a guest.  First, she has to agree to the terms and rules on the ranch.  Not only does the ranch run like one would in the 1800s, but the women are expected to behave like women in that time period too.  That includes submitting to the discipline of that time if they misbehave  - yep, that’s how the spankings happen.  Though it isn’t just Sasha that is spanked, you get to know some of the other couples on the ranch as well.

You would think that was enough plot, right?  Not so.  Suddenly, an old man starts mumbling what appears to be nonsense, and everything changes at the ranch.  Well, they are still living in the 1800s style, but ranch life becomes a lot more exciting!

Just a few more days until the final chapter posts!

Check out Purple Sage at Discipline and Desire

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Spanking Story Review: The Locket by Maren Smith

I haven’t written a spanking story review in a while. I just finished The Locket by Maren Smith, and I loved this story so much I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.  This is a story that begs to be shared with other spanking story fans. The Locket is going on my favorite spanking stories list! It’s that good!

The Locket is a time travel book, but instead of the typical historical periods used in these type of books, like Regency England or Medieval Scotland, it’s set in the US during World War II.  This is one of the most unique spanking stories I’ve read.  I loved the setting and the how the author described the struggles during that time in American history.

Kylie is sitting on a park bench when a conversation with an old man changes her life.  Suddenly she’s in the middle of an apple orchard getting her first ever spanking.  She finds herself living with the same man from the park when he was a young man just returned from the war.  He’s dealing with the loss of his family and struggling to make ends meet on his neglected farm.

Robert has definite ideas on how a woman should behave, and he holds Kylie to his rules and his forms of discipline.  Even though Kylie has always fantasized about being spanked over a man’s knee, she has a hard time with the reality of discipline spankings.  Not only is Kylie a modern, smart, capable woman, she’s also very independent.  She even manages to find creative ways to help with the farm, as well as helping the townspeople.  Usually the spanking relationship is what keeps me in a spanking romance story, but this time it’s just as much the plot surrounding Kylie’s ability to thrive and overcome obstacles to become an asset to Robert and his farm.

The Locket is not a short story.  It’s 168 pages.  You really get to know both Robert and Kylie.  You’ll love the ending as the story comes full circle back to the present time.  I was still sad to see it end.

Maren Smith always writes an engaging spanking story.  I’ve been reading her stories at Discipline and Desire for many years.  The Locket, however, is an ebook available at Amazon.  You don’t need a Kindle to read the story.  You can read it on your PC or other devices compatible with the Kindle app.

The Locket by Maren Smith available at Amazon

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Moonchild, To Have and To Hold, and Giving Tomorrow

This image shows a blossom close-up of a Lotus...

This image shows a blossom close-up of a Lotus pedunculatus plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Discipline and Desire has a few multiple chapter spanking stories going on right now.  I love longer spanking stories, because it adds much more depth to the plot and the characters than short stories.  Moonchild and To Have and To Hold are up to Chapter Nine.  Giving Tomorrow is just starting and is a sequel to The Giving Heart (one of my favorite stories on the site).

Chapter Nine
By April Hill

I’ve never been much of a drinker, and I usually pass out or fall asleep by the time most people at the party are just getting started, but in an effort to look at home in this unfamiliar milieu, I stopped at the bar and ordered a light beer. With the chilled mug in my hand as a prop, I approached the nearest man in a potato chip hat, smiled at him as seductively as I could, and asked if he knew Leo.

If he did know Leo, he wasn’t talking. So, I approached the second potato chip guy, with the same tawdry, if unconvincing act.

“You his old lady?” the gentleman asked. I tried not to look insulted, and assured him that I was more on the order of one of Leo’s recent conquests.

To Have and To Hold
Chapter Nine
By Tori Spencer

“I come bearing gifts.” Cassidy held out a plastic box with a single lotus blossom in it. “Max thought it might look pretty in your hair. Here, let me help.” She pointed to the vanity mirror and Jo sat, only to stand back up with more haste than grace.

Cassidy’s laughter sounded like a wind chime with its light musical trill. “Pete and I took bets on whether you’d be spared until after the ball or just make it through the nap. I had bet against him spanking you until I saw the red dress. Then all bets were off.”

Giving Tomorrow
Chapter One
(Sequel to “A Giving Heart”)
By Laura Smith

He shouldn’t have gotten this close to other people. Gotten too close to humans. Too close to temptation. To blood. Blood.

A growl grew in his chest, building in force and volume as his thirst pushed at him. The heartbeats throbbed like a headache at his temple. The footsteps of the woman on the street matched the tempo and it would be so easy to stalk her, hunt her, feed on her. Saliva collected in his mouth and his fangs sprang from his gums in anticipation. All he had to do was turn and drink.

Wyatt whirled around with inhuman speed, roaring and throwing the empty bottle at the tree trunk. It shattered into crystalline dust.

The woman screamed, throwing up her arms to protect her face as the dust flew around her.

“Oh geez, I’m real sorry!” Wyatt jumped over the bench, but went no closer. The thirst was still there. He could control it at the moment, but there was no reason for him to tempt fate.

Read More at Discipline And Desire

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Spanking Stories : Pirates and Pixies

an old pirate ship.

Image via Wikipedia

A Pirate’s Treasure
Chapter Four
By Maryse Dawson

Captain Bill had no more time to think about the wayward wench on board his ship. The storm was a fearsome one, and every member of his crew on duty, including him, had their part to play in preventing a disaster. Mountainous waves dumped themselves onto the deck with shocking ferocity, showering the men with water. Even seasoned old hands were struggling under the conditions, working as best they could as the wind howled and roared all around them, like a terrifying beast from the underworld.

Bill assessed the damage to his ship thus far. One of the main sails had been torn by the sudden strong winds’ ferocity, and had been lowered quickly for repair. Others had been tied before the wind could do further damage, but that hadn’t been enough to save the top sections of the main and mizzen masts.

“’Tis blowing us off course, Cap’n!” shouted Midshipman Bellows from the wheel.

Pixie Rebel
Chapter Three
By Katrina Devlin

“I love you but I will not put up with your sassy behavior and impudent tongue.”

“If you love me, then you have to love all of me,” she retorted, thinking vaguely that it came from a movie.

“I do,” he said firmly. “But I would also have you love me, all of me.”

“I do,” she said simply.

“Then you will accept this punishment as your due.” He took her hand and pulled her over to his bed.

Rail Rider
Chapter One
By Nicolette Shannon

But lately, she had been realizing that she was dismally unsatisfied. The feeling persisted despite turning the last page of a fantastic book. So she would select another book, which also promised by reputation to be emotionally engaging and dramatically thrilling. Hours of immersion in that story, albeit entertaining, had only led to the same frustration.

It was beginning to occur to her that whatever she was searching for might not be found between the pages of a novel.

The Attention Getter
By Michelle Carlyle

“No, he doesn’t like me. That was a rumor started by your husband. Christopher hasn’t shown the least bit of interest in me. And I freakin’ threw myself at him.”

“You did. You tried. Especially at the block party.”

Gail flushed red and turned back to her roses. “Made an ass out of myself. You and those bloody Mai Tais. You know he couldn’t even look at me the next day?”

“I suppose you were sort of obvious…”

“Sort of? Freakin’ airplane pilots flying overhead couldn’t miss my signals.”

A Night to Remember
By Sue Lyndon

Lord Richard raised a hand to his cheek, as if he were pondering something of great importance. “Did someone fail to tell you the rules of this castle, Emma?”

Her face burned and she struggled to find the proper words. Finally, she whispered, “Yes, my lord. Randal explained the rules to me. I know servants aren’t permitted in the library. I’m so sorry.”

With the faintest hint of a smile, Lord Richard asked, “Did Randal also explain the consequences of breaking those rules?”

Emma paled. “Yes, my lord.”

Read more at Discipline and Desire

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Spanking Stories | Weekly Updates from Discipline and Desire

Flat hairbrush

Image via Wikipedia

The Traveler
Chapter Three
By Bella Maeve

“Settle down now!” Fox laughed as he caught her wrists. “Don’t make me spank you.”  He forced her hands behind her back. The action made her back bow, and she was pushed up against his chest. Izzy struggled for a moment longer, then was still as she seemed to become aware of how closely their bodies were pressed together.  He could feel her heart slamming in her chest, and he’d bet his last credit that her labored breathing wasn’t just the result of her struggles.  He knew, because he, too, found himself panting a little, and he certainly wasn’t tired.

Her sharp grey eyes glittered up at him, and her teeth were clenched in a snarl.  But Fox saw something else in her eyes – arousal.

The “A” Team Comes to the Rescue
Chapter Three
By April Hill

Confronted with the overwhelming evidence against her, Samantha could do nothing but flop down into a chair and try to lie her way out of it. Hank stood at the sink with his arms crossed, and didn’t say anything. He just looked at her.

“What?” she said, with a look of bewildered innocence.

The interrogation of the suspect began well, actually. Hank didn’t sound angry. He sounded bewildered, and disappointed.

“What I don’t get is why you’re acting like this,” he began. “Doing everything you can to screw this up for yourself. It’s what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?”

Smoking the Bare
(Only You Can Prevent Fires)
Chapter Two
By Shannon Stevens

Chicory shook her head. Disgusting how easily he had charmed her horse: not one struggle of wills. First her father, then her horse… this man was maddening.

Luke walked around to open the truck door for her. She blushed and said, “I can do that myself. I didn’t realize you were ready to go.”

“I’m sure you could, CK. Nevertheless, I am a gentleman.” When she snorted, he looked at her quizzically. “Is that a challenge?”

“Sheesh, you are touchy!” Prudently, she climbed in without saying anything else and then yelped when her butt touched the seat.

Saxon Rebellion
(Knights of Normandy Series)
By Maryse

“’Tis none of thy concern. Let me continue on my travels. I am no use to thee!”

“I will make that decision. Thee will tell me thy name else I warn thee, I will get it by other means!”

“What wouldst thee do? Thou art a lowly Norman scoundrel, intruding where thou art not welcome. Take thy demands elsewhere; I do not want them!” Her eyes sparked fire at him and he realised that her stubborn nature would not easily be tamed. Yet, he had a good way of taming women, one that both his brothers used when needed: a good firm hand.

Read More at Discipline and Desire

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Spanking Story Review | Your Smile Come Morning

I just finished reading Your Smile Come Morning by Chula Stone.  What a beautiful spanking story.  This historical spanking novel is approximately 39,000 words and tells the story of Sir Milrick and Lady Rosalind.

From the opening scene to the last chapter, Your Smile Come Morning is filled with spankings!  Of course, in a historical novel the setting lends to men spanking women.  Not only does Sir Milrick spank Rosalind, but the secondary characters get in on the action too.  I enjoyed reading the interaction between Rosalind’s maid Beata and the blacksmith Martin as much as I did Rosalind and Milrick.

This story is 9 chapters and begins with the meeting of Milrick and Rosalind to their arranged marriage and finally the first months of their life as husband and wife.  There is intrigue and suspense as well as villians and challenges.  Rosalind’s brother is scheming against her marriage to Milrick.  Both Beata and Martin join together to protect Milrick and Rosalind from her brother’s plans.  Love, friendship and loyalty are all themes throughout this book.

Chula Stone weaves a plot full of spankings into her story.  While you may be reading this novel for the spanking scenes, it’s the love story of Milrick and Rosalind that will keep you turning the pages.

Though the lovely Lady Rosalind suffered both physical and verbal abuse from her father, she learns that Milrick’s discipline is nothing like the punishments she received from her father.  In fact, Milrick is nothing like her father at all, and she changes her mind about a life with the church instead of marriage (not that she is given a choice).  In the beginning, Sir Milrick isn’t sure Rosalind will be able to be a proper wife for him because she seems to be so disobedient, but he soon discovers that she is exactly what he needs in a wife.

I love the picture that the title of this book paints – Your Smile Come Morning.  Sir Milrick sums up his philosophy of spanking a woman with this simple request to Lady Rosalind.  Your Smile Come Morning is all he asks of his lady.

If you’re looking for a historical spanking story with plenty of romance, read Sir Milrick and Lady Rosalind’s love story, Your Smile Come Morning.

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Spanking Stories | First Time Spanking Series

Discipline and Desire is running a spanking story series called “First Time Spanking.”  So far, they have published 10 stories in this series.

Here are a few excerpts from the stories:

Shirker’s Compensation
(First Time Spanking Series)

By Michelle

“I wouldn’t have married you if I didn’t love you.” Tears stung her eyes. She’d never been in this position before. She had no idea how to turn it around.

“Well, I’m not leaving you, so don’t worry about that. But after I get through with you, you might wish that I had.”

“W-what are you going to do to me?”

“Martial law. My law. And it’s just gone into effect…”

The Breaking Point
(First Time Spanking Series)

By Michelle

He stared at her blankly, then his brow went into a deep V and his gaze blistered her. “You need to learn a lesson in appreciation and I’m going to teach it to you.”

“You? You’re a wuss. Just hand over the money before I get really pissed.”

He made a weird strangled yell. Then he lunged for her.

She yelped and jumped backwards, but he caught her. Growling, he flung her over his shoulder and strode into the living room.

“You let me down! I order you to put me down! Have you lost your stupid mind? Did someone slip acid into your coffee? You put me down and you obey me! Now!”

More Stories In The First Time Spanking Series

  • Bait and Switch
  • Brat Patrol
  • Demolition Bride
  • Midnight Diva
  • Shop Until She’s Spanked
  • Dethroning the Princess
  • Wilderness Wife Training
  • Rebels Without Pause

Visit Discipline and Desire

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Discipline and Desire Offers Free Ebook Chapters

New story updates from Discipline and Desire.

Chapter Six
By Belle

A while later, dressed and showered so clean that her skin squeaked, KC sat down at her computer after placing a pillow on the hard seat, and tried to act normally, whatever that was.

I love you. She could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times Morse had said those words to her – the third time they’d made love; their wedding day; the day she’d opened SixDegreez for business; and tonight.

She loved him back, despite the shards of betrayal that were cutting her inside.


Healing in Time
Chapter Eleven
By Katrina

“Ye have made me the happiest man in Scotland. Nay, in all the world.”

“And you’ve made me happier than I could ever imagine being.”

“I’ll repay ye for the saddle now,” he said. “How did ye pay for it? With yer jewels from the twenty-first century?”

Cat bit her lip. Hmmm, a quandary. She hadn’t actually paid for the saddle.

Darcy’s New Book
Chapter One
By Sebrina Winchester

Their first year had been rocky, with her repeatedly becoming angry over just about anything, from her not getting her way to her not liking something that he’d said. Louis was a gentle and patient man, but even he had his limits.

The changing point had come the moment she’d started throwing things at him when she was displeased. She’d just pitched a beautiful vase that his mother had given them as a wedding gift at his head, missing him only by inches, when he’d had enough. Striding to where she stood rigid with indignation, he’d given her the surprise of her life.

The Pirate and the Rose
By Maryse

Nathaniel stood behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pushing her hair aside and kissing her neck.

“Nathaniel, cease, else I won’t be able to concentrate!” Tara protested.

“That’s the idea.” He kissed her neck again, flicking his tongue over the sensitive skin. Tara gasped and lowered the spyglass, leaning her head back against his chest.

“You are truly wicked!” she murmured happily.

For Your Protection
By Bella Maeve

“Who the @#$% are you?”

Grey chuckled.

“I’m your new babysitter, Detective Grey Pierson.”

“So, Pierson, who’d you piss off to get stuck with the shit assignment?”

“Just about everybody, actually. Listen, Ms. Barnes, I know that this has been a difficult experience for you. Let’s try to make the best – ”

“Oh, spare me the speech,” she said, rolling her eyes.


Free Chapter!

Endless Love
Chapter One
By Jordan Grace

Free Ebook Chapter!

X on the Beach
By Robin Smith


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Where Are You Reading Spanking Stories Online?

I’m just curious where you are currently finding spanking stories online.  My primary source for spanking stories with romantic domestic discipline is still Discipline and Desire.  I prefer this site to my other favorite, Library of Spanking Fiction, only because I know I’ll always be reading a M/F romantic theme spanking story.  Library of Spanking Fiction also has stories like this, but they also have spanking stories with a variety of themes other than M/F.  (M/F means an adult male spanking an adult female.)

I’ve also found some fiction stories that have spanking in them at Ellora’s Cave.  Here you’ll find a lot of different erotic fiction themes.  Many of the spanking stories also include quite a bit of bdsm as well.  You need to read the descriptions carefully, and perhaps read an excerpt or first chapter if it’s offered.  Another place I’ve seen some spanking stories is at Siren Publishing.  This is another erotic fiction site, but with menage amour stories primarily.  Again, be sure to read the description carefully because some of their stories are not M/F.

Where are you finding spanking stories?

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Spanking Stories Series: Valerie and Burke

I love Michelle Carlyle‘s writing over at Discipline and Desire. I’m really enjoying her stories about Valerie and Burke.  They are a series of several stories that could stand alone, but all of them involve these 2 main characters and their developing romance.

Valerie and Burke are unusual personalities for a domestic discipline spanking story.  Valerie is basically a con artist and Burke runs a business that may or may not be on the right side of the law.  Valerie gets herself into some crazy situations that are more than deserving of a spanking, and Burke is just the guy to give them to her.  It’s not all about Valerie’s risky lifestyle, the chemistry between these two is full of passion and humor.

As I said, the stories can stand alone, but if you want to follow them in sequence and really see their relationship develop, this is the full list in order:

  • Bait
  • Rocking the Boat
  • Under His Thumb
  • Burke’s Law
  • Boundary Crossing
  • The Predator
  • The Hunter
  • The Hunted
  • No Means No

Here’s an excerpt from the latest in the Valerie and Burke stories, “No Means No.”  (I hate hearing that, don’t you?)

No Means No by Michelle Carlyle “But Burke,” she whined.

“No whining. What did you expect?”

“I expected to get away with it!”

“You’ve never gotten away with anything with me.”

“The hell I haven’t… oh, shit.”

His gaze sharpened. “What? When?”

Read more at Discipline and Desire

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